We Offer:

Private Training . Walk Mender Program and Board & Train Programs

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Private Training

Private training gives you the opportunity to get one one one coaching from the trainer to work towards achieving your desired training goals. A consultation is needed to create a training plan prior to your session(s). During the consultation the trainer will discuss with you what you want to work on and create a lesson plan for your next meeting(s). 


  • Basic commands (sit, down, stay, come, place, wait and loose leash walking)
  • Behavior issues (lunging, barking, growling, pulling, chewing, biting, potty training, etc.)

Each session is 1 hour in duration. 

Dogs must be current on vaccinations. Vaccination records are required.

Additional dogs much have another adult handler present.



Single session:                     At your home $80 (+ $40 for each additional dog)





Walk Mender Program


If walking your dog is a total nightmare, not to mention dangerous and has become a terror instead of something you can look forward to? Together we can change all of that in as little as two sessions.

The walk is your main opportunity to create the proper relationship through leadership and structure. If your dog is pulling (or dragging) you on-leash; reacting to other dogs, people, bikes, skateboards, etc; marking every bush, you are undermining your relationship in more ways than one, and causing what should be an enjoyable, fun activity for both of you, to be a feared event.

 With the right strategies, tools, and approach you can dramatically improve your walk, and in turn, your bond with your dog.

In the Walk Mender Program, you will meet with us at our location for two sessions – both sessions are 1 hour. In these sessions, you will work with the trainer to address and significantly improve all of the issues you are having on the walk as well as build your relationship with your dog.


Two or Four Week Programs

By focusing primarily on problem behaviors with "difficult" dogs, we’ve been able to develop a unique approach that not only transforms dogs, but also transfers easily to the owners.

In this program, your dog will be the only dog training with us at the time. Other trainers tend to have a higher volume of dogs which means their programs run much longer and end up costing more money. Our approach to training and rehabilitation allows us to go further with your dog creating a positive transformation in less time.

The board and train program covers all of the basic commands – Sit/Down, Stay, Place, Heel, Come/Recall – as well as Crate Training, Waiting for Food, and Waiting at Thresholds. We address all forms of unwanted behavior, including, but not limited to: Resource guarding, separation anxiety, fear issues, leash reactivity.

This program includes a 30-minute meeting at our facility at the time of the drop-off; 2 private sessions at the end of the program, at our facility, where we will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success; one 1-hour follow up at your home (within the immediate Los Angeles area); and email/video/phone support during and after the program is completed.

Owner must provide the following:

  • Current vaccination record
  • Flat buckle or Break away collar
  • Dog bed
  • Dog food (for the duration of the program)


Two week program            $2,000

Four week program           $4,000

*Although most dogs qualify for our two week program, there are some that the severity of issues require a longer stay for successful resolution. Please contact us so we can help you assess which program best suits you and your dog’s needs.