Puppy Raising

In this video you will get to see clips of my time working on the basics for a clients board and train "Puppy Edition."

So I got to keep these puppies for a few weeks. Having these puppies together, alongside of the dogs in my own pack help with socializing as well as training due to the "Monkey see, monkey do" effect.


Meet Annie. She is very smart and eager to please but easily distracted. Once distracted it was almost impossible to get her attention at all. This video is of me working on the name game that taught her that whenever she hears her name she has to drop everything and look at who said her name. Annie struggled with giving eye contact. Practicing the name game would lets us know that she is giving us her full attention.


Meet Buddy. Buddy was up for adoption and needed lots of obedience training in preparation for finding his forever home. He had to re-learn all of the basics, as well as put his prey drive and over excitement level in check. He loved playing nose games, he was easily motivated and so loving and loyal. He used to take off if he got out but by the end of our time together he discovered that he'd rather be with people.

Rescue: Teranga Ranch


Meet Princess.
Princess desperately needed some training to make her adoption process easier.
She is a very sweet girl who would demand attention when she felt she needed it by lunging towards a persons face. She also needed some work on her house manners.
Rescue: Teranga Ranch


Meet Duke.

Duke was being rescued by a lovely lady who has had german shepherds before but knew that Duke needed some training. I had a few private training sessions with this handsome hunk and ended up being is walking companion.

Rescue: Tails to the Wind


 Meet Athena.
This was Athena's first time living in a house that had a very close firework show on July 4th.
I worked with her before during and after the show. She would run, cowering and shaking, as fast as she could to her crate (where she feels safest). By the end of my time with her we were sitting on the front porch watching the end of the show together.