Pink Camo Snuffle Mat (small)


This is a 6×6 inch mat
Colors : green, grey, and camouflage (mossy oak)
Materials: Rubber mat, and fleece (polyester) strips (approx. 40 strips)

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Snuffle mats provide your pet the opportunity to use their natural instincts that they miss out on when eating out of a bowl. This mat stimulates them mentally which can be as exhausting as physical exercise which is the number one reason why I recommend them to my clients. I also recommend these because they are a great way to slow down fast eaters, good for nosework training and of course good ol’ plain fun.

This is a 6×6 inch mat made with 3 colors : Pink, grey, and pink camouflage (mossy oak)
Materials: Rubber mat, and fleece (polyester) strips. (approx. 40 strips)

To clean: Rinse with a hose and air dry.

WARNING: This mat is NOT indestructible. Do no leave your pet unattended with this mat. Safety first!

For more information on the snuffle mat (introducing the mat to your pet, cleaning, videos, etc.) please read our SNUFFLE MATS post.


Additional information

Dimensions 6.25 x 6.25 x 2.25 in


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