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Himalayan Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew

Do you ever spend time standing in the toy treat isle looking for a chew that is safe, healthy and money smart when it comes to keeping your dog busy? I know I sure did. Even when I worked at a few different pet stores I would spend my breaks reading the warnings, ingredient list and asking other employees and customers about what they liked or disliked and why.

There are so many different toys, and treats that I would hear and read about that scared the pants off of me when I heard the horror stories about dogs choking or huge vet bills. I know that there is almost always a downside to every toy or bone since their uses vary based on the dogs specific needs but I wanted to know what was going to be best for my dogs as well as something that I can recommend to any of my clients. Over the years I have found many toys, chews and tricks to keeping dogs busy and as always I want to share them with my clients and other dog owners!Himalayan chew

Let me get to the point of this post. Enter the Himalayan dog chew!

Himalayan chew are 100% natural, there are NO preservatives and their ingredient list is short and easy.

My favorite part about them? I'm sure you know that one of the hazards of chews is that once they get to the size where they can fit in the dogs mouth and swallowed they usually need to be thrown away. Not the Himalayan! Once your pup has chewed them down to an unsafe size just pop them in the microwave.

WAIT WHAT?! Thats right, the microwave, it's like magic! Putting them in for the recommended amount of time and they go from a hard chew to a biscuit!

Having this trick allows you to get your moneys worth as well as keeping your pup happy and safe.

They've got to cost a lot given how amazing these bones are right? Nope! Depending on where you shop these bones can be very inexpensive. Big pet shops sell them for between $9 and $30 depending on their size but I buy them online and get the largest size for just $10! Where do I buy mine? Chewy.com (I use chewy to order the edibles that I use for my pups at home. They have reoccurring shipping options and prices to die for.)

Himalayan chewSpeaking of sizes, there are several. The way to pick the best size for your dog is to use the weight recommendations. I like to use to see one thats recommended and go up a size, but this is just my personal preference. Paying attention to the size is very important. If I bought the size for dogs 15 pounds and under I would have to just stick it in the microwave right away which takes away from the perks of this chew.

What on earth are they made of? Well thats easy! Yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. Thats it, the whole ingredient list. How perfect is that? Unless your dog has allergy issues with any of the ingredients this chew is perfect.

Another reason these are amazing: They provide dental help. I'm sure it's safe to assume that you don't brush your dogs teeth regularly as recommended by your vet. Unlike other expensive dental chews these guys being cost effective make it easier to help care to your dogs dental needs. Now of course I am not saying that these remove the need to brush your dogs teeth regularly because they do not, but they provide some extra help.

Warnings. Yup, everything has one.

  • As usual chews should only be enjoyed by your pup when you can keep an eye on them. Depending on your dogs chewing ability you can decide how long it takes your dog to chew these down to an unsafe size (try it a few times while supervising first to get a better estimate). For example my moms dogs are not big chewers and even if you left the chews out 24/7 it would take them a day or two of constant chewing, however I have dogs that take chewing to a whole new level and they get through these bones in under 30 minutes meaning I cannot leave them unattended at all while my mom can put them in her dogs crates when she leaves for a few hours without worrying about a thing.
  • Choking hazard is an obvious issue but as I already told you once the chew gets too small you can just pop it in the microwave and give it back to your pup to enjoy without worry. These bones can be chipped if your dog is a big chewer and all I do is immediately pick up the pieces and set them aside to join the end piece in the microwave.
  • Last warning, as with any treat you do not want to give your dog too many. Treats can often lead to dietary issues and health issues. My dogs get them 1-2 times a month when their food gets shipped. I mainly use them for rainy days but that's because my dogs live with a trainer and are well behaved wether they are around others or when left alone at the house.

The Himalayan Dog Chew official website

If you have any questions please message me and I'd be happy to help! 

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