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For the best training solution and price, having a consultation with you before we begin would be best.

(Our consultation information is located on the bottom of this page)

Phone Number: 1(818) 434-3932

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Regular Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-7PM

***Services must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance unless approved.**

Why are consultations necessary?

When looking for a dog trainer or even a dog walker you should look for one who requires some form of a consultation. Why? You wouldn't go to a salon for a haircut and not tell them what you wanted right? Behavior consultations are very important. Professionals will often handle your dog during the consultation to get a better idea of your dogs temperament, what your training goals are, any concerns you may have and set you up with a lesson plan or exercise plan to help your dog and your wallet get the most out of it. Who doesn't want that?

Consultations are also important because it helps the owner understand the training methods. If a trainer only teaches the owner and dog one way that might work for the dog but not the owner it's important for the trainer to discuss this with the owner prior to any training sessions to make sure they are comfortable with doing them on their own at home.

Education the owner with what the training plan is as well as why it will work will allow for lasting change instead of success only when the trainer is present, and how to keep the training progressing with great results over time. No lasting behavior change happen unless the client is ready, willing, and able to follow through with the training. The behavior consultation gives you a chance to see what will be involved, and to move forward.

Even if you are just looking for a dog walker, getting the proper information about location preferences, duration, frequency, any questions and concerns you may have and emergency information are all important to share with your dog walker during the consultation prior to your pups first outing.

Our consultation prices:

Dog walking: Over the phone- FREE  ($10 if  the consultation runs over 30 minutes)

Group classes: Over the phone- FREE

Private training: Phone-Free/ In home- $20 (30-60 minutes)

Consultations can be done over the phone but I prefer to do them in person. This allows me to introduce myself and better help with any questions about the forms you may have. Having all the proper information done allows me to get started without using your time to fill things out later.