About Me

Danielle Barjam

Owner/ Trainer

Having many different types of animals and several dogs growing up I often spent most of my time with them wondering how they learn. Over the years I discovered that I could get to the root of the problem and figure out why the animal is "misbehaving" and see if it's just a lack of communication, health issue or just a standard need for training and solve any issue. 

During the time that I spent working as an associate/manager at pet stores I found that many dog owners were leaving their training classes very confused, frustrated and feeling like it was a waste of time and money. Often I would approach them and help by explain things better. Hence why I was often asked why I wasn't a trainer. At the time I couldn't answer honestly, but the truth was that I didn't agree with the teaching techniques and some of the training methods.

After working at the pet stores, volunteering at shelters/rescues and veterinary clinics I decided to go to school and become a certified trainer. Graduating early from the Dog Trainer program through Animal Behavior College in 2015, I also became certified in canine First Aid & CPR through school as well as The American Red Cross (their pet first aid course was amazing!). I started Roylance Dog Training shortly after.

When you have a dog wants to work they will learn faster and retain it longer. To achieve this desire to learn I have to find what method works best for both dog and owner. Aiming to get every dog to have a desire and drive to learn is always a goal. Teaching in a way that no matter the dog or the owner everyone gets clear instructions on what they are supposed to do to move forward easily creates that desired PAWsitive change.

Check out the blog for some of my training advice; toy, food, vet, store, etc. recommendations, and much MUCH more!

My future goals?

I'd hope to attend as many seminars and workshops as I can to learn even more. I hope to achieve other certifications such as an AKC CGC Program Evaluator, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed(CPDT-KA) to further my knowledge and experience and in turn share it with my clients.